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Launch day 14 November 2020: The birth, the rebirth and the reload

The Birth

It was a normal Wednesday afternoon in May 2011…my sister Eleanore and I were about town running errands. We spotted a vacant restaurant space on Main Road Knysna and right there decided. “We are going to open a restaurant”, we said we could and we did it!

We named her SoulSistas, mainly because it was founded by us, and mostly because we were looking for a brand name that lends itself to many different services we sought to offer.  SoulSistas restaurant was to be the hub of our operations. We ran a vibrant establishment, the first of its kind in our beloved Knysna, for a good nine months serving scrumptious South African Cuisine and hosting an array of events! Due to time constraints and other career commitments we took an executive decision to close up shop and agreed to reestablish when the time is right.

The Rebirth

As the right time nearing we have decided strengthen the other arms of the brand. The CX Summer Launch Day marked the rebirth of SoulSistas and carving the path towards our bigger dream. It was a very nostalgic moment as we hosted our rebirth event at the very same location where the restaurant was born nine years ago. We have come full circle, pursued our career dreams, gained new experience and learnt new skills. Ready to take on the next phase of our beloved brand SoulSistas.

The day was exhibition of girl power, fashion, fun and fabulosity as we launched the summer range of SoulSistas Creative Jewelry line and collaborated with local female entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and services. We embraced our diversity by inviting female models from a broad spectrum to serve as ambassadors for our brand. Our esteemed guests were welcomed by our longtime friend and supporter of the brand and included some of our most loyal customers, new buyers and fans, family and dear friends.

The name SoulSistas derives from the concept of women building together for empowerment of ourselves, our families and our broader communities.

Image Exhibitors, Guests, Hostess welcoming guests

A great big thank you to Elmarie Elle Redman from Elle Photography for capturing the essence and beauty of the event and our lovely ladies.

The Re-load

The success of Launch day has laid a solid foundation for many more feel good events to come. Events that seek to encourage empowerment, community building, and information sharing through the use of art, entertainment, design and fashion as the medium. It is about bringing likeminded people together and sharing the SoulSistas vision to influence and impact the environment around us positively.

We look forward to launching our fashion line coming soon and will be hosting an array of workshops to achieve the vision and mission of the brand.

Check out our next article as we profile each of our exhibitors and ambassadors.

Our Vision and Mission: Empowerment of ourselves, our families and the broader community

Our products and events: A serious message with a fun execution.

Much Love and Gratitude, Team SoulSistas