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Soul Sistas

I design and manufacture authentic handmade jewelry and will soon offer fun-loving

jewelry workshops and pottery classes

the story of soul sistas

I bravely walked through the doors of Parliament of the Republic of South Africa 15 years ago to start my career in politics with the dream of becoming the first female president of South Africa.

I have always been an activist at heart, advocating for social issues such as human rights, with heritage and culture at the top of my list.

On the other hand, my creative talent has always been my secret love which I happily escaped to in my free time. I decided to use my creativity, knowledge and experience as the foundation for my new career journey. SoulSistas is a social conscious movement through the arts, design and entertainment.

 South Africa (in fact the whole African continent) is experiencing a reawakening. The South African citizen is questioning the status quo, searching for a modern expression of the African identity in every aspect of life, from the built environment to economy to fashion. Creative communities around our continent have a key role to play in this renaissance. It is the creatives who can speak the language of the people and identify with their needs. South Africa is ready for a new dialogue, one in which our rich past plays the role of precedent to a future that is ours to mould. And we all have a responsibility to contribute in our own respective right.

SoulSistas prides itself on being a cultural activist that celebrates Afrocentric fashion, entertainment and lifestyle.


SoulSistas’ mission is to take pride in our heritage, celebrate our individuality, different cultures and unify us through our similarities. 


To educate and empower women, children and communities through the use of arts, design and media.